Saturday, November 21, 2015

Avatar A.M.P. Suit Reference Pictures.

Going through some old reference pictures today and found some close up shots of a full-sized  A.M.P. suit from the James Cameron movie Avatar. They're great reference for painting models and miniatures by showing weathering effects on a full sized piece.

I took these at San Diego Comic Con about six years ago before Avatar had come out and I knew next to nothing about the movie. So unfortunately I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should have. Plus there was a Japanese guy fighting me for picture-taking position. Oh well, I can't blame him. :)

I've grown more impressed with the design of these over the years due to becoming more familiar with industrial machinery and heavy equipment. Like Kunio Okawara's designs for the AT Votoms Scopedog, these look like a product that could be manufactured in actual factories as opposed to grandiose mechanical fantasies like Mazinger or Voltron.

Here you can see the head of my Nihonjin rival.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Trash Bash Bits Part 2 Now Funding on Kickstarter.

Trash Bash Bits were created to make the crafting of wargame buildings faster and more fun by eliminating the need to scratchbuild doors and windows to add to projects. The first Trash Bash Bits Kickstarter campaign was very successful and helped to create five designs of science fiction doors and windows. Trash Bash Bits 2 will add to this collection with five new designs!
The castings of the first TBB campaign were enthusiastically praised by backers for being sharp and clean. The detail on the final castings actually looks sharper than on the prototypes! Plus they are lightweight and have flat backs so you can glue them easily to plastic, foamcore, styrofoam, or any other common modeling material.
Like the earlier campaign I want TBB 2 to be easy to use and fulfill. The initial goal is $500 and each additional $500 raised will add a new design up to five designs. Bits from the first campaign will be available as well once we reach the first $500 so you can get a real variety of parts.
We've already unlocked the Rolling Steel Door and are moving on to the Ultra-Tech Window.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Trash Bash Bits Starter Packs!

I've got a few Trash Bash Bits Starter Packs for those who need more bits!
25 Trash Bash Bits in total, 5 of each, for $37.50 plus s&h.
Please email me at hellbox45@hotmaildotcom if you'd like to order some! (replace the dot with a period. :) )
Also I'm still working on the prototypes for Trash Bash Bits Part 2 and am still hoping to have the Kickstarter launched this week.