Sunday, September 9, 2012

Second Helping of Zombie Vixens.

A few more female zombies for Zombie Plague. Thanks to everyone who pointed out that the disc on the Zombie Vixens sprue is a serving tray. Knowing this has inspired me to do a couple of waitress figures, one with an appetizer and one with the main course. 

I can't tell who looks worse.

That's not ketchup.
I also finished the Baywatch lifeguard. I'm not sure about the pose for this one. She looks a bit like she's diving into water but on the lawn of the Zombie Plague house this action looks kind of silly.

Her nose is gone from faceplanting every time she tries to dive.
The horde is slowly growing.
I'm having fun building and painting these but I think I'm going to switch to some of the male zombies. And I'm looking forward to eventually getting some of the Studio Miniatures plastic zombies. I haven't really been knocked out by any of the plastic zombies on the market but I still prefer plastics over metal due to cost and the sheer variety of poses and heads.

Thanks for looking!