Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pod Racer Challenge on Trash Bash Bits Facebook Group.

John Lamb over on the Facebook Group has issued a challenge!

Welcome everyone! We are opening the garages, calling in the pilots, and gathering the scrappers!
From today until 01 Aug 2016 we are looking for a few good Pod Racers!

1) Build must be new for this challenge (though parts from other builds or pieces from other models are fine)

2) Each project must include at least 5 pictures; parts, work in progress, and 3 finished model pics (front, port side, starboard side)

3) Build must include Bits...Greebles...Pieces...Parts...etc. collected from your pile of goodies (there is no set percentage, just let your inner builder lead the way!)

4) For the final entry the model should be painted to a game play or table top minimum level

Let the games begin!


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Making Micro-Scale Buildings with Plaster

A quick video showing how I use throw-away plastic bits as molds for plaster to make small scale buildings for games like Battletech and CAV.