Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dead Sexy, Zombie Pin-up Girl.

New green of Dead Sexy. This is not only one of my favorite minis for Zombie Plague but one of my favorite minis EVER.

Mud & Gutz Bases for Zombie Plague

Just a quick post to show the new terrain bases for Zombie Plague. These will be sent out as part of the stretch goals from the ZP Kickstarter and will then be made available for general release. They will be cast in resin.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Trash Bash 2013 Final Results

It is with great pleasure that I announce the winners in this year's Trash Bash! As always the level of creativity and craft is astounding and every entry has some inspiration that can be taken from it. Thanks to all of the entrants, the judges (who helped me to make some very difficult decisions), and our generous sponsors. And congratulations to the winners!

First Place: Diego Diz~ ATHT (All Terrain Half Track)

Again the first place prizes go to Spanish modeler Diego Diz. His weird war vehicle gained points by clever use of the mouse and overall cohesion of design and excellent finish. Diego has a great ability to find the right bit for the job and his skill in scale modeling is formidable.

"...It was the one that showed the most innovative use of the parts and the end result is a striking vehicle with a primitive-tech character - nice."

"Very well done. Also nice paint work."

( Check out some more "behind the scenes" pictures here.)

Second Place: Thomas Kelley ~ Nu-Mars Colonial Militia LRPT

This is Thomas's first year participating in Trash Bash and he has made a great showing with this cool piece for 15mm. Besides the excellent finish of his models he's also done a huge amount of modeling to create the vehicle stowage and sensors. Lots of great ideas in this one.

This model demonstrated a high degree of imagination, forethought, artistic talent, and craftsmanship. The attention to detail was considerable yet not overdone, and this model stands out all the more for it."

"I really like the fact I don't see a computer mouse when I see this vehicle."

Third Place: William Burke ~ Red Star Mining Security: ADNOH Hover Darter 

Trash Bash veteran William Burke delivers another fun entry for this year's contest. Judges liked the overall feel of this model, like something you'd see in a Gerry Anderson show.

"The model has a campy, retro 60s style to it, adding to its overall appeal in the context of the figures and terrain with which it was presented."

 "The little hover is a very pleasing design and I liked this a lot - it's so cute!"

Honorable Mentions:

It was exceedingly difficult to choose only three winners for this contest so I'd like to also recognize the other contestants and their entries. Every single one is inspirational in its use of trash bashing techniques and overall creativity. (The following are listed in no particular order.)

Clark Payne~ SCARAB Defense Pod

Alex Hoover~ Self-Contained Quantum/Underwater/Ionospheric Device (SQUID) 

Adam Smillie ~ General Engineering and National Technologies  G.E.N.T. Deep Strike Walker

James Holloway~ Scrapdevil

Duane Gilbert~ The Anuran Prospecting Mech