Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Building Colton's Curse Continued...

Just a quick post showing a couple of new buildings. Tomorrow I'm off to Toronto for The Shuster Awards and the Toronto Comicon Fan Appreciation Event 2010. Hopefully meet some new folks and promote Yva.

The Dandee Diner is built pretty much like the first small building that I made except that it's a bit bigger and has half round trim along the top for a more decorative effect. I was a bit surprised while doing research on diners that many real world diners used the little buttresses that I use on my Colton's Curse buildings. Merely for decoration but still looks groovy. The diner features two vent fans on top to keep the place cool, portal windows (a rarity on Coronus), and a fume vent coming out of the kitchen. The portals were made from scrapbooking supplies that are in the shape of small buttons. They are self adhesive but I peeled the sticky foam off so that they sit flat. The sign is a plastic cavalry base with styrene bits. I added a few bullet holes since some yokel would have to take drunken potshots at such a bright and smiling face. A bit more painted trim than the other buildings in town classes up the joint.

Next up is an atmosphere processor or air mining rig. It's made from a Rescue Heroes toy bit that I nicked from Chris FitzPatrick while spending the afternoon at Herb Gundt's making terrain. The piece was originally a small tower like shape but I took it apart and laid it flat by glueing it end to end. I made the round ends from an ubiquitous vending machine capsule and then sanded the living heck out of the thing. toy plastic is notoriously smooth and hard so paint won't hold on to it. The sanding also helps to make a more metallic looking surface after it's painted. I added a few pieces of plasticard for access panels and an X wing engine for the stack. the cool thing about this building is that it will work well for 28mm miniatures or micro scale games like OGRE or Battletech. I am currently painting some oil drums and such to sit on the base while I'm using it for 28mm games.

The next major building will be the Sheriff's Office and jail. This one is turning into more of a small fortress than a normal building. But they need the protection since Colton's Curse is such a danged tough town.

Next Time Fantasy Modeling #3!