Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Trash Bashing a Micro-scale Power Facility

I just finished a quick build and paint job on a plastic blister from a pack of air fresheners that I procured from work. I'm trying to cull a good portion of the plastic bits that I've collected and part of that is to actually make some stuff with it!

Nothing complicated here, MDF base, various greeblies for details, ink-jet decals. I'm really happy with the way the solid black decals look but anything with color just gets washed out by the color beneath it. But it beats trying to hand paint them.

To get the sandy texture I first cover the MDF with wood glue and then sprinkle it with very fine sand. Once this is completely dry I cover the whole surface with regular thin super-glue. This not only bonds and seals it nicely but makes the texture less pronounced and more "natural".

A penta-dynamo fusion plant defended by two Tomahawk MBR-04-Mk VI destroids.

I rushed the drybrushing which caused the big splotches on the sides. Too overeager I guess.
Model kit sprue, LEGO knock-offs, 15mm tank parts, 1:1800 scale Eagle transporters, plasticard, 30mm sci-fi German gasmask canisters...

The blister from a five pack of Air Wick Scented Oils that I found at work.