Monday, February 18, 2013

Dreamforge Unboxing Part 3: Ada.

One of my favorite bits of the recent stuff I've gotten from DreamForge is Ada, Little Lady with a Big Gun. Kitted out in Eisenkern stormtrooper armor and armed with what Mark Mondragon calls a "capacitor rifle", Ada has trained herself how to fire such a large weapon and braces herself against the recoil so that she slides back several feet with each shot. That's just plain old double-tough.

The Ada miniature comes on one sprue and contains both the capacitor rifle and a backpack. Casting was beautiful on this piece and assembly was very straightforward and simple. The addition of a separate crotch guard and should pads give the mini a nicely layered look. I added a few pieces from the accessory set to add a sidearm, PDA, and first aid kit to the mini. And a couple of crates made a quick bit of cover for Ada's base.

Besides being simple to construct Ada was very quick and easy to paint. There's enough detail on the armor pieces that light drybrushing really makes them pop. I didn't take the time to try for the digital camo pattern that DreamForge shows on the pouches of its digital models but someone with better eyes than me might have a go.

And finally one of my favorite things about the Ada miniature is that she looks like an actual female soldier and not a stripper with a rifle. Although I have nothing against the Heavy Metal, chainmail-bikini clad, battle-hooker look that so many miniature companies seem to go for it is very refreshing to see a miniature of a female that looks at least somewhat realistic when compared to its male counterparts. So there.


  1. Looks great! First painted Ada I have seen. I am not sure if I should even mention it, but the shoulders are on backwards, the rim goes towards the body and the vents outward ;)

    1. Pardon me a moment...D'OH! Well, I've got two more to build correctly. Thanks for the great new toys Mark.

  2. Wow, she looks great! You really brought out the face. Looking forward to painting mine.