Friday, November 11, 2011

The Terror of Shindig Sandbar Now Available!

From the depths of a radioactive ocean comes a terrifying hybrid straight from your worst nightmares! 
SEE! Part Corpse! Part Fish! All terror! 

SEE! Beautiful young women ravaged by undead creatures from the sea! 

HEAR! The swinging rock and roll sounds that all the kids are crazy for!

Nameless Design Miniatures presents: The Terror of Shindig Sandbar!

Here we see the fetching zipper option. Available at checkout.
Based on my love I of black and white monster movies I have sculpted this homage to the creatures from the Horror of Party Beach. This movie dares to ask the question: How can you defeat mutated fishmen that seem to be immune to bullets and basic common sense? Answer: Sodium! And although it's not logical it's really a lot of fun.

The costumes for Horror of Party Beach seemed to be made from garbage bags and novelty store monster gloves, topped off with papier mache heads. The actors inside must have looked through the teeth of the head as they hunched around stalking nubile young women and drunks.  

These crazy monster minis can be used as deep one stand ins, atomic era fiends, or simply for a guy trapped in a monster suit. The Terror mini is 38mm from the bottom of the foot to the top of the fin and comes with a 40mm base. I'll even sculpt a zipper on the back if you want one!

Price is 8.00 USD plus shipping and handling. S&H for The US and Canada is 2.00 USD and International is 4.00 USD. Please click on the Paypal Button to pay with Paypal or a credit card. Email me at with any questions.

Miniature + Shipping
Would you like a zipper?

Just for fun here's a Horror of Party Beach tribute by Indianapolis punk legends Sloppy Seconds.

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