Friday, October 11, 2019

Kauth ATV Card Model

I was given a copy of this model that was designed by model-maker Dennis Kauth. Unfortunately Dennis died several years ago so I never got the chance to find out if this was designed for a particular game etc. The people who gave it to me were friends of Dennis's and wanted it to be scanned and distributed to other gamers who might enjoy it. I've never seen a finished version of it and would love to have someone take on the project of building it.

NOTE: There is a screen tone over the entire image that makes it appear gray. I've tried to remove this using Photoshop without success. At some point I'd like to color this but it will take a significant amount of time that I'm currently not willing to invest.

I heard from the friend of mine and Dennis's who first gave me the booklet and he confirmed that they were originally designed for TSR's Buck Rogers role playing game. They were never finalized and put into production, probably due to the shake-ups happening at TSR at the time.

And on the Star Frontiers: Alive and Well group on Facebook, Matthew Teets shared this Star Frontiers Skimmer that he purchased years ago. It's obviously designed by Dennis Kauth as well. (A couple of images have been added to the bottom of this post.)


  1. That looks interesting! Have you tried adjusting levels in Photoshop, wouldn't that be an easy fix for the grey tone?

  2. Just saw these over at Papermodelers; pretty cool.