Friday, November 21, 2014

Painted Star Frontiers Megasaurus

Back to the vintage Star Frontiers minis. This time it's the massive, powerful, deadly, but still cute as a button Megasaurus. Mostly damp-brushing and washes for this fellow along with static grass and jute twine weeds for the base. I like this mini a lot but I'm not sure it captures the dread and fear these creatures are supposed to inspire.

Scared yet?

Good thing Dralasites are so chewy.


  1. Its very retro-raygun in appearance, which I find very appealing. The slightly friendly appearance suggests a role as a sidekick for a hero perhaps.

    I have a handful of Star Frontiers models that I picked up a couple of years ago and the style really appeals. I like the scale patterning that you painted. It reminds me of something, possibly from the Last Starfighter or Enemy Mine.

  2. Looks good. I wish my Star Frontiers mini experience was as pleasant as yours. I bought a box a couple of years ago. Alas, the dreaded lead rot had eaten away at the figures rather vigorously.