Friday, August 29, 2014

Painting an Imperial Guard Minotaur.

In the crazy and care free days near the beginning of Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, there was an almost "anything goes" attitude towards the universe that Games Workshop and Citadel Miniatures were creating. Since 40K was based around the same Tolkienesque races as Warhammer Fantasy Battle there was some attempt to add other fantasy races into the 40K sci-fi setting by adding them to the Imperial Army and then the Imperial Guard. Dwarves were Squats, Halflings were Ratlings, Ogres were Ogryn, etc. Of these three races the squats have been all but excised from 40K with the ruthless efficiency of an Exterminatus bombing. But in these early years there was also a brief glimpse of another race: the Minotaurs.

That I know of there were only two 40K Minotaur minis cast and given very limited release. It seems obvious from these minis that they were meant to be part of the Imperial Guard. They carry Imperial issue weapons and have Imperial las-guns attached to their horns. But as far as I know there were never any official rules or release planned for these fellows.

Inspired by these two early figures, sculptor Diego Serrate decided to have a go at creating his own Space Minotaur. You can read about his sculpting process here. Diego made some castings of these available, along with another lost 40K mini concept of a fish race called the Pisceans, and I picked one up. I was really happy with everything about this mini. It has been re-designed to get rid of some of the cartoony feel of the originals but still feels like it fits into the Rogue Trader universe. You can contact Diego at if you'd like some of his minis. Buy lots so he'll make more.

I've had a nagging desire to build a mixed race Imperial Guard just as an fun exercise. Diego's Minotaur, who is now Sgt. Del Toro of the 4th Abhuman Legion in my little world, will form the basis of the assault section that will feature both Minotaurs and Ogryns. 

Showing the Imperial Guard indoctrination tattoo which proves his purity and allegiance to The Imperium.

Tattoo of the 4th Abhuman Legion "The Fighting Fourth".

The miniature has been sculpted to be more current with modern trends with items like bendable cables. But the assembly is still very quick and easy.

And there might be a unit of Chainsaw Warriors in The 4th as well. They look like half-Ogryn anyway.

Diego's Minotaur is a really fun figure and looks right at home alongside the Broolian Beastmen minis that Victoria Miniatures is producing. It would be great to see more of both.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Painting Rebel Minis Grav Tanks

Three new Rebel grav tanks painted. These use the hull from the Tempest Class and the turret from the Thunder Class. I like the heavier feel of the Tempest hull but since the parts are interchangeable I can swap turrets whenever I like. 

I made hover bases for the tanks from an MDF disc and the tip of carry-out chopsticks. The bamboo of the chopsticks is really tough and the tapered tip works perfectly with the hole on the bottom of the tank. Some rubble rock and sand finishes it off.

For the color scheme I wanted a simple and dark color that matched my Titan Marines. I'm calling this unit the "Night Hunters".

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Zombie Plague: The Day From Hell Now on Drive-Thru Comics.

Check out the double sized digital comic about four high school students who must save themselves from an endless horde of the hungry dead. Zombie Plague: The Day From Hell begins the story that is played out in Zombie Plague: The Board Game.


Board Game:

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Earth Force APCs from Rebel Minis.

Just finished a couple of APCs from Rebel Minis that are truly loaded for bear with four missiles and a large caliber main gun. What better way to deliver troops safely than to annihilate the opposition?

Assembly on these is a breeze, just two track units, the turret, and hull, and they offer a lot of possibility for conversion or stowage modeling.

Now that I'm starting to get a small collection of 15mm sci-fi I'm wondering about a ruleset. Should I try to find one I like or just make my own. So far I've not sampled anything that I particularly care for. Maybe I'll find something at Gen Con.