Friday, October 11, 2019

Kauth ATV Card Model

I was given a copy of this model that was designed by model-maker Dennis Kauth. Unfortunately Dennis died several years ago so I never got the chance to find out if this was designed for a particular game etc. The people who gave it to me were friends of Dennis's and wanted it to be scanned and distributed to other gamers who might enjoy it. I've never seen a finished version of it and would love to have someone take on the project of building it.

NOTE: There is a screen tone over the entire image that makes it appear gray. I've tried to remove this using Photoshop without success. At some point I'd like to color this but it will take a significant amount of time that I'm currently not willing to invest.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Nameless Design Miniatures Kickstarter

After far too long I've finally decided to cast the Great Race of Yith and Elder Things minis I've sculpted. And I'm also adding a Shoggoth! That Glows in The Dark!

Check it out HERE

Monday, July 1, 2019

Trash Bash 2019 Contest Rules

Trash Bash 2019 Contest Rules:
What is This?
In the spirit of Rick Priestley’s classic grav-attack build, this contest challenges converters, hobbyists, and scratchbuilders to create a model using random bits of stuff and a lot of creativity. Many of the skills of being a strong miniature hobbyist will be needed to do well in this contest, not only construction and painting but also photography, concept creation,miniature painting, and terrain set-up.
What to Enter:

Contestants will construct and paint a vehicle or structure inspired by the word DEFENDER. Concepts do not have to be military in nature and can embody any ideas that the entrant sees as viable.

The required bit is a chip/crisp container (Pringles or similar.). This should be a container meant to be discarded after chips are eaten and not a container meant to be used over and over. If this type of container is not available where you live, you may substitute a similar replacement.

Each entry must contain at least one chip/crisp container as part of the construction. All other parts can be from any model kits, toys, throw-away plastic items etc or scratchbuilt from other materials. Judges will be looking for clever repurposing of items and skill in making them unrecognizable on the final model.
Other materials such as plasticard, putty, wire, etc are acceptable but fully covered over and sculpted entries will not score well.

Any scales supported by existing miniature or model ranges are acceptable. This will be necessary for the final picture of your entry unless you wish to sculpt your own figures as well. 

Contest Requirements:
A 200 word or less description of your model should be included with each entry. Explain what type of vehicle or building you have constructed, where it is usually found, what its capabilities are, etc. The scale of your model should be given in this description.

A total of five images must be submitted to be eligible for judging:
  • 3 pictures of the final painted vehicle or building on a neutral background showing the three views that best show the construction and finishing of the entry.

  • 1 picture of the unpainted vehicle or building along with a list of what materials were used in the construction. If you don’t remember what a particular bit is don’t put it on the list.

  • 1 picture of the final painted vehicle or building set in an environment along with painted miniatures or models of the humans or other creatures associated with your model. This will be a showpiece image and a great chance to really sell your concept. Use of terrain and foliage is expected for this final shot.

No retouching or special effects other than basic photo correction will be allowed on submitted images. Any images showing added effects will be disqualified.
Good, clear photography is expected and will be considered in final judgement. Images should be high quality jpegs no larger than 1 MB per image.

Each image should be titled as follows: your_name1.jpeg, your_name2.jpeg, etc.

EXAMPLE: brian_roe1.jpeg, brian_roe2.jpeg, etc

Please include 200 word description and parts list with the same email.

Limit one entry per person.

Only entries that have not appeared elsewhere will be accepted.

Please wait to post "work in progress" articles until after the winners have been announced.
Our panel of judges will choose a first place, second place, and third place winner. All decisions of the judges are absolutely final.
How to Enter:
Send all required images and text to Brian Roe at no later than August 1, 2019

For more information visit the Trash Bash Bits Facebook Group.
Judges to be announced soon!

Prizes will be given out for First, Second, and Third Places.

Prizes will be supplied by Trash Bash BitsDragon Forge DesignRBJ Game CompanyBlood And Skulls Industry,  The Forge of Ice, and Ramshackle Games.

Make sure to check these folks out and thank them for their support by ordering lots of cool stuff from them!
This contest is put forth in a spirit of fair play and mutual respect. Any entries that contain offensive material will not be considered for entry. Be cool and creative but don’t build anything you wouldn’t show your mom. Any entry can be refused for any reason especially for not adhering to the basic spirit of fair play.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Special Armored Battalion Dorvack Booklet

Below are scans of a small booklet produced by Gunze Sangyo to promote their line of Special Armored Battalion Dorvack models. I've always really liked the design of the Dorvack powered armor suits and it's easy to see the cross pollination between Dorvack, Starship Troopers, and Maschinen Kreiger.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Building a Cthulhu Shrine

I've been trying to finish up some of those projects that seem to have been started years ago but never completed. With that goal in mind, I've finally finished this quick project, a Shrine to Cthulhu.

The base was included with the Rackham Confrontation Starter Set and the Cthulhu statue is from Fantasy Flight's "Bag of Cthulhu". The small skulls are from Dragon Forge Design and the stone skulls are cast from a Hirst Arts mold, #70

These can still be found pretty cheaply.
These cannot be found pretty cheaply.

The main pillar is made from PVC pipe and acrylic circles for the caps.

This was really just a matter of gluing everything together, adding some Sculptamold for ground, painting and flocking everything.

Faux marble painting on the pillar and a black, green and gold paintjob on the statue.

"Oh Great Cthulhu, please tell me where all of this blood is coming from!"

You're about to find out Smedley...
Grass tufts by Shadow's Edge Miniatures.
If you want to see the whole thing spin around a lot check out my YouTube Channel. Like, Subscribe, tell your mom about it, whatever.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Star Frontiers Adventure Squares.

My love of the 1982 TSR game Star Frontiers has made me a bit of an obsessive, at least when it comes to the miniatures. Although I've had to slog through a good amount of lead rot, I've managed to collect nearly all of the SF monsters and player characters. I recently scored a lot of blister packs that included the Star Frontiers Adventure Squares on the back of each. Now while these would have been really cool when I was twelve, forty eight year old me demands a bit more pizzazz. So I scanned all six, I think the whole collection, and colored them in Photoshop.

We're having an adventure... JUST LIKE THE GOONIES!

I think that these were originally created by pasting up photocopies or the like and so many of the elements are used several times. I used the same system but did not have time to completely polish each final image so there might be some oddities and inconsistencies.

Another issue was the the squares were actually 7/8" and not perfectly square so they won't always match up. I think they were meant to be rooms and not necessarily tiled together so this would not have been a huge issue. And trying to put them together leads to a lot of awkward floorplans with portals going into the back of computer banks etc. The versions posted here are exactly 4"x3" and I've included a blank image of the floor-tiles so you can use them as connecting corridors.

Let me know if you know of more than the six designs shown here and if you plan on using these in your own Star Frontiers games.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dagon's Bones Lives!

My new Kickstarter with Utility Games has been launched!

In the seaside pubs of Innsmouth they play a game of chance called Dagon's Bones. It's a dice game that requires luck, daring and maybe a small favor from the Elder Gods.

Will you rob other players, steal from Cthulhu himself, or be granted, however fleetingly, Dagon’s blessings?

Roll the Bones...

And PRAY...