Thursday, January 26, 2023

Fan Coloring a Chainsaw Warrior Page

 Just had a bit of fun coloring this classic Brett Ewins art from the game Chainsaw Warrior.

(This is simply a bit of fan art and I claim no copyright or connection to Games Workshop or the artist.)

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Painting an OGRE Mark V With Severe Battle damage.

This month's challenge on the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy forum is to create a miniature with the theme "Wartorn". Here is my entry:

This is an OGRE Mark V, of the Thunder Bison Battalion based at Fort Knox, KY. This is Unit #4, nicknamed "The Fightin' Bison" by its support crews. It has become legendary for completing nearly impossible missions and somehow managing to drag itself back to a friendly base-camp to be re-fitted and made ready to fight again. Shown on this model is the initial damage Unit #4 suffered mere minutes after rolling out of The Mediterranean Sea as part of Operation Haymaker. Although it quickly lost a main battery, two secondary batteries, a missile launcher, and multiple anti-personnel weapons, it still managed to complete it's mission before again slinking into the sea to find shelter in the deep ocean.

This is a plastic OGRE Mark V model from Steve Jackson's OGRE. It has been severely damaged using a rotary cutter, files, and various grinding bits. The AP batteries have been replaced with parts from a 1/700 US Navy ship. When this challenge was announced I first thought of OGREs as a significant part of the game is based on how long they can keep fighting even after suffering horrendous damage.

It was a blast to modify and paint but I feel like I could have worked on it indefinitely.

The basic kit.

Not a fan of these anti-personnel turrets.

Replaced them with 1/700 parts from a US Navy Ship parts sprue. Attacked the surface with a ball grinder, files, and various grinding bits.

Closed in the hollow body with plasticard and putty.

Base made from wood and beveled on a disk sander. Putty is Easy Sculpt.

Basic airbrushed camouflage.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Coloring Jeff Laubenstein Artwork.

 Archer of the 2nd Crucis Lancers, the "Kestrel Lancers". From Mechwarrior RPG, 1986.

Illustration by Jeff Laubenstein, colors by Brian Roe.

(This is a fan-project only. I have no connection to the artist or the company that owned or owns the copyright.)

Friday, February 18, 2022

Bandai Cross Over Fanzine 16 Vol.34 6 1982

 Here's a brief booklet from Bandai featuring Xabungle, Six God Combination Godmars, and other series. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Trash Bash 2021 Contest Rules

Trash Bash 2020 Contest Rules:
What is This?
In the spirit of Rick Priestley’s classic grav-attack build, this contest challenges converters, hobbyists, and scratchbuilders to create a model using random bits of stuff and a lot of creativity. Many of the skills of being a strong miniature/model hobbyist will be needed to do well in this contest, not only construction and painting but also photography, concept creation,miniature painting, and terrain set-up.
What to Enter:

Contestants will construct and paint a vehicle or structure inspired by the word COMMAND. Concepts do not have to be military in nature and can embody any ideas that the entrant sees as viable. They can be science fiction, fantasy or any other time period/setting that you'd like.

The required bits are a CAPSULE. This can be any small case of container, especially a round or cylindrical one, that has a lid that is either separate or attached. This description is being left purposefully vague to allow for more selection.

Each entry must contain at least one CAPSULE as part of the construction. All other parts can be from any model kits, toys, throw-away plastic items etc or scratchbuilt from other materials. Judges will be looking for clever repurposing of items and skill in making them unrecognizable on the final model.

Other materials such as plasticard, putty, wire, etc are acceptable but fully covered over and sculpted entries will not score well.

Any scales supported by existing miniature or model ranges are acceptable. This will be necessary for the final picture of your entry unless you wish to sculpt your own figures as well. 

Contest Requirements:
A 200 word or less description of your model should be included with each entry. Explain what type of vehicle or building you have constructed, where it is usually found, what its capabilities are, etc. The scale of your model should be given in this description.

A total of five images must be submitted to be eligible for judging:
  • 3 pictures of the final painted vehicle or building on a neutral background showing the three views that best show the construction and finishing of the entry.
  • 1 picture of the unpainted vehicle or building along with a list of what materials were used in the construction. If you don’t remember what a particular bit is don’t put it on the list.
  • 1 picture of the final painted vehicle or building set in an environment along with painted miniatures or models of the humans or other creatures associated with your model. This will be a showpiece image and a great chance to really sell your concept. Use of terrain and foliage is expected for this final shot.
No retouching or special effects other than basic photo correction will be allowed on submitted images. Any images showing added effects will be disqualified.
Good, clear photography is expected and will be considered in final judgement. Images should be high quality jpegs no larger than 1 MB per image.

Each image should be titled as follows: your_name1.jpeg, your_name2.jpeg, etc.

EXAMPLEbrian_roe1.jpeg, brian_roe2.jpeg, etc

Please include 200 word description and parts list with the same email.

Limit one entry per person.

Only entries that have not appeared elsewhere will be accepted.

Please wait to post "work in progress" articles until after the winners have been announced.
Our panel of judges will choose a first place, second place, and third place winner. All decisions of the judges are absolutely final.
How to Enter:
Send all required images and text to Brian Roe at no later than June 1, 2021

For more information visit the Trash Bash Bits Facebook Group.
Judges to be announced soon!

Prizes will be given out for First, Second, and Third Places.

Prizes will be supplied by Trash Bash Bits and RBJ Game Company. More prize sponsors will be added as their participation is verified.

This contest is put forth in a spirit of fair play and mutual respect. Any entries that contain offensive material will not be considered for entry. Be cool and creative but don’t build anything you wouldn’t show your mom. Any entry can be refused for any reason especially for not adhering to the basic spirit of fair play.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

The ManDelorean Model Kit

In the 1980s toy and model companies were all TRANSFORMERS and GO-BOTS crazy. I'm pretty sure if the show The Mandalorian would have come out then we would have seen model kits this goofy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Vintage Alien Poster Magazine #1

Here are scans of the Official Alien Poster Magazine produced in 1979 by Paradise Press Inc. The "magazine" is actually a large, folded poster with a single image on one side and short articles and pictures on the other side. The large poster image had to be scanned in single sheets and then assembled but unfortunately I could not match the folds correctly.

This is the first of at least two of these. I'm not sure if any more were produced.