Sunday, November 8, 2020

The ManDelorean Model Kit

In the 1980s toy and model companies were all TRANSFORMERS and GO-BOTS crazy. I'm pretty sure if the show The Mandalorian would have come out then we would have seen model kits this goofy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Vintage Alien Poster Magazine #1

Here are scans of the Official Alien Poster Magazine produced in 1979 by Paradise Press Inc. The "magazine" is actually a large, folded poster with a single image on one side and short articles and pictures on the other side. The large poster image had to be scanned in single sheets and then assembled but unfortunately I could not match the folds correctly.

This is the first of at least two of these. I'm not sure if any more were produced.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Testing CA Glues on HDPE

 HDPE is a notoriously difficult to bond plastic so I decided to test some CA glues to see which works best.I was happy to find that there is a clear winner.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Japanese Battletech Animated GIFs

After twenty eight years I finally own a copy the Japanese reinterpretation of Battletech. I really wanted it for the mecha redesigns created by Studio Nue but it also contains some really beautifully gritty illustrations. I scanned them, did some simple flat colors on them, and then made animated gifs of them. I'll probably do some more in the future and will post them here. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

A Few Nerdy Treasures from the Monogram 1984 Catalog

This Monogram Models Catalog from 1984 is primarily full of boring stuff like race cars and semi-trucks. But there are a few nifty nerd subjects including the brilliant Masters of the Universe models, two kits from the Blue Thunder TV show, and Simon & Simon(?).

The Masters kits have always been of interest to me since they were one of the few model kit/toy crossovers that actually worked with the existing toyline. Masters action figures would actually fit within the completed models and so could be played with like any other vehicle. The missed opportunity that I see comes from the fact that all of these vehicles already existed in the toyline and so didn't need another version that was not made of sturdy plastic or as well detailed. I'm sure it all came down to a licensing agreement but it seems like if you were going to make usable vehicles, you would want to make something that could only be had by building the Monogram kit. Even at fourteen I was perplexed by this.

I was hoping that this catalog would have the GoBots models in it as they were released in 1984 but no dice. So now maybe I need to find a 1985 catalog.


Monday, August 24, 2020

Twentieth Century Imports Catalog 1986

TCI was an American importer that brought many kits over that would become classics, especially among sci-fi and mecha modelers. From the Nitto S.F.3.D series to the kits repackaged for Battletech, TCI were responsible for making these kits easier to find both by retailers and customers. 

I specifically remember when the Star Blazers kits first showed up at my local game store, The Game Preserve at Glendale, there was a feeding frenzy of buying the first night that they were put on the shelf that almost none of them were left the next day. I'm pretty sure that the manager didn't restock them again under the assumption that they'd never sell that well again.