Monday, February 23, 2015

Yva Starling: Troubleshooter Patreon is Now Live!

Yva Starling: Troubleshooter "Green Hell" is live on Patreon! Ryan Howe,Ronda Pattison, and Brian Roe are creating a new Yva story and need your help!
For a small amount every month you can receive Yva pages early, read the new Yva pulp story first, and other spiffy rewards. But most importantly you help us to produce more Yva art and stories.
Join us!
Yva's newest adventure finds her struggling to survive as she fights to rescue a family on the biological death-world of Verda. This art by Ryan Howe with colors by Ronda Pattison shows Yva vaulting over a titanic ironthorn tree while avoiding whip-fast scythevines all while dispatching two disgusting suckflies. 

Verda is not a nice place at all

Monday, February 16, 2015

Yva Starling: Troubleshooter "Green Hell" Preview.

On February 23rd we will be starting a Patreon campaign to produce a new series of Yva Starling: Troubleshooter comics. Supporters will see new pages early, will get to read the new Yva Starling Adventure Stories tale, plus other cool rewards.

In the meantime check out this awesome cover art by Ryan Howe with colors by Ronda Pattison!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

2015 Oldhammer Legacy Warband: Space Pirates!

Axiom on The Oldhammer Forum just started a cool project to build and then give away a Space Pirate Warband. Each mini will be converted and painted by a forum member and then one lucky participant gets the whole warband. 

I'll be kicking in this Marauder Tech figure that I first converted the year it was released and recently stripped back to bare metal. The mini itself has led a hard fought and chaotic life being packed and re-packed during various moves so it seems fitting that he would be part of a rag-tag group of galactic privateers.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Laser Cutting a Laser Cannon for Dark Future

I've been messing around with ways to make weapons for Dark Future that not only are cheap and fit the sized cars I'm using but that will also be familiar to anyone who plays Dark Future. So laser cannon should look like DF laser cannon on first glance. Proxies are great, and necessary since DF weapons are so hard to come by, but I think that they should be similar to the originals.

Thanks to some of the kind folks on the Dark Future Facebook page I have some images of the original Df weapons sprue to base my designs off of. This is my first attempt, a laser cannon that I designed, cut, and painted in under two hours. It's a bit melty, a bit sloppy, but I think still reads as a turreted laser cannon.

Thanks Allicia!

My Illustrator design.
Mounted on a Matchbox Baja Bullet.

Quick paintjob to show actual detail. Due to the acrylic being clear I often can't tell what it's really going to look like until it's been painted.

By no means perfect but retains the silhouette and proportions of the original and is  thus quickly read as a DF laser cannon.