Monday, November 10, 2014

Assembling and Painting a Glaug Officer's Battlepod for Robotech Tactics.

After my misadventures with the first models I tried to put together for Robotech Tactics I decided to switch sides for a bit and build one of the Glaug Officer's Battlepods. This went together pretty well, even though there are still some oddities, and I thought it might be helpful for other modelers to see what I've come across.

The sprue contains one Glaug and one Quel-Regult.
All the parts to make one Glaug.
Bad part design of the little antenna that can't be removed from the sprue without snapping it. I'm leaving these off my finished models anyway since they probably wouldn't survive the trip to play a game.
For some odd reason the upper cannon has an odd hook-shaped joint that needs to be inserted before the two body halves are glued together.
The two halves hold the cannon in place.
The hip joint doesn't allow for any side to side movement and is attached with two flat connections.
How the hip joint fits to the torso. The legs attach to the small arched openings on the side of the hip.

Painting was very basic, quick and dirty. I'm purposely not spending much time on thiese minis but instead trying to keep things efficient while still managed a decent tabletop distance quality level. Flat colors followed by Citadel washes and a bit of highlighting and drybrushing. I went with a classic Zentradi color scheme.

One of the best parts of these kits are the decals. They don't have to be completely trimmed out and they slide off the backing paper pretty quickly. I've had decals from major model-making companies that didn't work as well.

I added sand to the base and although this obscures the markings that show front and rear fields, the tab on the back of the base will keep things lined up.

The decals are excellent.

Next up I'll tackle a few of the Regult pods!


  1. Very nice indeed! Now to find a box big enough to send you my set of Gears of War mini's to fine tune your skills on.

  2. Very nice makes ne want to what the show again.

  3. That's some of the best quick and dirty painting I've seen. Nice work!