Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Coloring Vintage Game Stuff: Star Wars and Star Frontiers.

Just a quick post about a couple of pieces I've digitally colored lately. 

The first is an Adventure Square from TSR originally printed on the back of Star Frontiers Miniature blistercards. 

The computer screen says "SATHAR ARE STINKY".

Always with the Dralasites. The place is lousy with them.

The original art.

The second is a FireHawke RepulsorTank from the West End Star Wars Miniatures supplement Imperial Entanglements. I use these pieces to practice my coloring plus it's just fun to revisit this classic art.

With a blue Imperial symbol as per the description in the book. The templates by Stephen Crane, as seen below, are incredibly precise and filled with cool details. The book contains extensive descriptions of the unit markings and other information about this particular unit, the Hell's Hammers.

With a dark Gray symbol, my personal preference.

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