Sunday, October 5, 2014

World Wasters Bogeys.

Buggle on the revamped cover of World Wasters.
Robble's Rocket Raiders in the midst of some bad behavior.
From the war-torn pages of World Wasters come the Bogeys:

"Bogeys are native to the New Arm. In the parts that have been, explored so far, they are the numerically dominant species. Legend has it that a long lost species known as the Ancient Masters designed the bogeys to serve as fighters and laborers.

A degenerate species, bogeys are rude, stupid, vicious brutes, loosely organized by clans and tribes that incessantly fight with each other. The most forceful or cunning bogeys rule the others. Though technology on bogey worlds is crude, often no more advanced than medieval, these creatures are capable of learning to use most state of the art equipment. When they get hold of something like a starship, bogeys use it up, vandalizing and pushing it far past any reasonable limit with no regard for maintenance or safety.

A bogey tactical squad usually includes one second level leader, one first level heavy weapons specialist and eight other first level bogeys."~ From the World Wasters Playtest Edition by Steve Lortz.

My first squad of Bogey's are Robble's Rocket Raiders. Both Bommer and Biggles share the same body as do Breever and Buggle. These minis were sculpted by Steve Lortz in the early 1990s and are being re-released by Fortress Figures with new poses and are tabbed to work with slotted bases. We're hoping to re-release the WW rules this year as well.



  1. This looks like an interesting range to me, right up my street. I will definitely keep an eye out for their release.

    Are their corresponding orks in this range and if so, do you have moulds for them too?

    1. The Bogeys are sort of an ork/goblin combination, they're not split into two distinct races like GW. There are a few other minis like commanders and a power suit and those will be re-released as well.

    2. Commanders and a powersuits sound like exactly what I would like add to these to make a small skirmish type unit. I will keep my eyes peeled for updates.