Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Brain Worm!

More from World Wasters:

Brain worms and their symbiotic pinhead-drones have always been alien outlaws, shunned by every civilized species because of a well-deserved reputation for psychic vampirism. Standing about six feet tall, a brain worm resembles a giant brain perched atop a stalk of bundled nerve fibers.

Pinhead-drones are great hulking brutes whose heads are nothing more than clusters of sense organs. Brain worms use telepathic powers to exert psychic control over pinhead-drones and any other unfortunate beings who fall into their psychic clutches.~ from World Wasters by Steve Lortz

You there! Do my bidding...or else!
Looking for a suitable victim.
An unsuspecting Bogey about to be puppeteered.
Also here's some of my early art for the pinhead drones. Biologically engineered brutes with minimal brain power but plenty of physical might. 

Pinheads can only use the most basic weapons and equipment.


  1. That looks ace love the eyes very maniacal looking. Where is that grot from? he's cool!

    1. From the same game/line called World Wasters. More here and here:

  2. Thats brilliant.

    A man can never have enough floating malevolent brain miniatures, sign me up!