Friday, April 8, 2011

Rick Priestley Added as Judge for Trash Bash 2011!

Due to the beneficial machinations of my cohort Des Hanley we can now welcome gaming-overlord Rick Priestley as a judge for Trash Bash 2011. Besides being the primary inspiration for this contest Mr. Priestley's contributions to gaming are pretty much responsible for getting me into the hobby in the first place. And he hasn't slowed down since his departure from Games Workshop. Hail Caesar looks great and has made me consider a nice sized Celt army (since I can't have one in real life).

I'll be accepting entries until April 30th and there's still time for some garbage gluing goodness. So get those bits boxes out and get to Trash Bashing!

Rick Priestley's original deodorant container conversion
is still a fine example of original, fun gaming creation.

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