Thursday, April 14, 2011

Preview of Land Dominion Strider

Just a quick picture of my latest project. This was created to be used in a music video for one of my favorite bands. I'm currently awaiting approval from the band and then he'll be shipped out to Los Angeles to be filmed. I'll post updates as things come together.

I wanted to create a model that actually walked on its own so I used a cheap plastic robot toy and built everything on top of it. The walking action is actually pretty cool when slowed down. The main carapace is a plastic football helmet from a giant Pez dispenser. The other various bits have been kicking around in my junk boxes for years just waiting for this project.

My main inspiration is the artwork of Michel "Away" Langevin from the band Voivod. Voivod's imagery and storylines have always struck me as very gamer friendly. This artwork from the album Rrröööaaarrr could certainly have helped inspire some of the Ork Titans in Adeptus Titanicus. There is an unskilled but extremely cool style that I love about Away's drawings. He's like the metal kid at school who always drew during algebra class and made his own t-shirts. And since I was pretty much one of those kids I've always dug his work.

Next blog I'll show this little beauty unpainted in all its hacked together glory and explain some of the construction techniques.

Remember Trash Bash 2011 ends on April 30 so good luck with your entries! 

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  1. Awesome! Very Adeptus Titanicus. Can't wait to see it in motion!!!