Monday, June 4, 2018

Building a Cthulhu Shrine

I've been trying to finish up some of those projects that seem to have been started years ago but never completed. With that goal in mind, I've finally finished this quick project, a Shrine to Cthulhu.

The base was included with the Rackham Confrontation Starter Set and the Cthulhu statue is from Fantasy Flight's "Bag of Cthulhu". The small skulls are from Dragon Forge Design and the stone skulls are cast from a Hirst Arts mold, #70

These can still be found pretty cheaply.
These cannot be found pretty cheaply.

The main pillar is made from PVC pipe and acrylic circles for the caps.

This was really just a matter of gluing everything together, adding some Sculptamold for ground, painting and flocking everything.

Faux marble painting on the pillar and a black, green and gold paintjob on the statue.

"Oh Great Cthulhu, please tell me where all of this blood is coming from!"

You're about to find out Smedley...
Grass tufts by Shadow's Edge Miniatures.
If you want to see the whole thing spin around a lot check out my YouTube Channel. Like, Subscribe, tell your mom about it, whatever.

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