Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Trash Bash 2017 Winners

In case you missed the results over at the Trash Bash Facebook Group, here are the winners of Trash Bash 2017: Medicine Package Battle.
Thanks to all of the contestants, judges and sponsors!
This was a difficult one to judge due to the high level of creativity and craft apparent in all entries. Great work to all!

Third Place: Ben J. Butler

My 1/750 scale assault / siege spaceship(1) has 3 connected (via lids) sections and  is comprised solely of medical packaging or actual medicine except for the screws, glues, paint and stripes.

1.            Prescription Medicine
2.            OTC medicine (Antacid, Hydrogen peroxide)
3.            Contact Lens supplies
4.            Diabetic supplies
5.            Dental supplies
6.            Infantry Vehicles made of expired drugs.

Landing Craft Section 
Position: Nose
Color: Green
Style: Halo/Osprey/Duck

•             Hydrogen Peroxide Bottle (1)
•             Contact Lens Solution Bottles (2)
•             Diabetic Needle Covers (2)
•             Toothpaste Tube Caps (4)
•             Electric Toothbrush covers (2)
Command and orbital disrupter Section 
Position: MidShip 
Color: Blue 
Style: Cowboy Bepop /Halo Covenant ship

•             Medium Rectangular Med Bottle (1)
•             Medium TUMS Bottles (2)
•             Diabetic Needle Covers (3)
•             Retainer Case (1)
•             Various Drugs (16)
•             Foot Powder Cap (1)
•             Ketosis Strips (4)

Octo-Floss Omega 3 Drive Section 
Position: Aft
Color: Nichol
Style: Thunderbirds

•             Large Med Bottle (1)
•             Medium Med Bottles (3)
•             Med Bottle Caps (3)
•             Floss Dispensers (8)
•             Floss Spools (8)
•             Ketosis Strips

Second Place: Brad Isdrab

When the siege came on the Knight’s forge, the Nobles of the house were unprepared and practically undefended. With a crash, the breaching scav vessel crashed the main gate and the greenskins spilled in. The tried to maintain a perimeter from the on-coming Horde, which had until now been limited to a few small tribes. Their wall of servitors failing under the Ork’s assault. Two mighty Warlords, with great warmachines laid claim to the structure. There was no reasoning with these beasts.  The only choice was to make a break for space. The heirs to their houses and upper eschelon in the house fleet, Canopus, Antares, and Alphard fell back to the shipyard and the FTL Frigate, FNORD  While a non-com craft, specked for transport and cargo hauling, the FNORD is a fine craft built to combine speed and maneuverability with durable hauling. The primary pilot’s chamber provides a full 180 sphere of direct holo enhanced view and it’s starboard and port bays are equipped with dual escape pods.

And First Place goes to Jean-Baptiste Garidel!

"I wanted to build a piece of terrain in 28mm scale that could be used as an objective and be sieged as well. 

The building is one of many of the sort, built on fringe worlds to provide a reliable source of energy where stable communication means and defense systems are required.
Their simple but robust design means they can be adapted to many types of worlds with the many resources of fuel available. Although not weaponised, they are usually quite heavily armoured and resilient to withstand attacks or the local natural perils like earthquakes and hurricanes.

The environment where they are built often means they are the first real technological facilities built in new settlements and it is quite common to find one at the center of many outposts."

General Nelson had spent his whole career on the front, leading his men with a firm but just hand. His assignment in the remote Novaross system almost felt like an insult to him.
With time flying, the sting started to fade and he could almost lay the tips of his finger on a well earnt retirement.
Until that message arrived. If his last assignement was to keep the energy supplies secured in this outpost, then he would not be found at fault.

The list of materials used is :
- One cardboard box (package of a modem IIRC)
- The plastic cap of a spice bottle (used to make the exhaust on top of the big tank)
- 2 greek yogurt pots (to make the tank)
- the canon of a plastic toy gun that used to shoot balls (to make the chimney)
- one door from the Trash Bash Bits part 2 KS (which although not a good way to earn points felt mandatory ^^)
- the plastic cap of an apple purée bag to do the heat radiator
- Green stuff Pcard and plastic girders to build the platform, signs, ladder and pole (late addition not visible on the first picture)
- The plastic pen cap from a colour pen (at the top of the pole)
- Green stuff and metallic wire to do the wires and pipes.
- Foamcore to do the base covered with gap filler and sand.
- The medicine bit is a tube of tablets for sore throats (Lisopaine)

Honorable Mention goes to returning Trash Bash Winner William Burke

Medtronic Industries A1C 
“Stinger” Fast Assault Hover Tank”

1 Thunderclap Mortar, 2 medium side lasers 2 small turret mounted lasers

Time: During the siege of the Latorius Principality outer colony insurgency of 2243

The insurgents had taken over the Military compound at Colony outpost 140.

The compound was a tough nut to crack, being a former Military base. That was until the arrival of squadrons of Stingers, with their heavy mortars. The heavy Thunderclap Mortar was able to punch through or lob over most defenses and this was no exception. The so call siege was over in a few hours as a rain of hell poured down on the traitors and the walls breached.


1 diabetic insulin pump insertion kit package (main tank body)

1 Insulin pen cap (main gun)

2 insulin ports (turrets)

1 set toy head lights and antenna from kit bash box

Two part putty, paint and decals


  1. Great stuff among that lot. All good. Creative modelling

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