Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Stuff Posted by RSquared Studios.

Cool FREE stuff from RSquared today! Page 1 of Green Hell is on the RSquared site and Chapter 1 of Deathtrip! is now free on Patreon. Check 'em out and help us out! 
Green Hell is the second Yva Starling: Troubleshooter comic and takes place on the deathworld of Verda where Yva must attempt to save a marooned family even as the entire jungle tries to kill and devour them all.

Deathtrip is the first chapter of Yva Starling Adventure Stories our pulp novelette series. Yva  and a small agricultural colony discover true horror as an escaped bio-terror monster seeks to destroy all life on the planet of Luna Nueva. But not before it has made all of their nightmares real.

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