Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dwarf Monitor Prototype for Tunnel Fight.

Another prototype mini for my boardgame Tunnel Fight. This one is a Dwarf Monitor, a heavily armored guard tasked with keeping the passages and tunnels of vast underground industrial complexes free of intruders. They use rapid firing laser pistols to pin down enemies and chip away at them until they perish in a shower of burning laser-light. 

Deep within the TORG Industrial Complex a lone Dwarf Monitor guards a supply warehouse.

They are armored in ballistic cloth and hardened ceramic alloys that combined with the dwarf's natural ability to carry heavy loads gives them a great degree of freedom. They also carry hardened shields that add to their overall defense and can be used in close-quarters fighting. These can be used with other monitors to form nearly impenetrable shield walls.

Guild markings on the right shoulder and left shin-guard plus unit markings on right shin-guard. Notice mounting lugs on helmet for optional face shield.
Pouches carry grenades and extra power packs for the laser pistols. 
In contrast to the Tunnel Ratlings who use stealth and murderous fury, the Dwarf Monitors combine overwhelming firepower with tenacious defense.

A good defense and a good offense.

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