Sunday, August 24, 2014

Painting Rebel Minis Grav Tanks

Three new Rebel grav tanks painted. These use the hull from the Tempest Class and the turret from the Thunder Class. I like the heavier feel of the Tempest hull but since the parts are interchangeable I can swap turrets whenever I like. 

I made hover bases for the tanks from an MDF disc and the tip of carry-out chopsticks. The bamboo of the chopsticks is really tough and the tapered tip works perfectly with the hole on the bottom of the tank. Some rubble rock and sand finishes it off.

For the color scheme I wanted a simple and dark color that matched my Titan Marines. I'm calling this unit the "Night Hunters".


  1. Really nice work - you did a great job on the dry brushing!

  2. Lovely - I should really look at something like this rather than another 28mm period. Great work.

  3. As I said on TMP, these look fantastic, and your bases are top notch too. They seem kind of small, like there's no room in the hull for crew. Or maybe the Titan marines are just large figs? Anyway, good stuff :)

    1. It's a bit of both. But there's not enough difference to really be obvious unless they're right next to each other like in these pics. And they look just right with unarmored civilians like some of the other Rebel minis.

  4. I haven't really seen these before, at least not that i've noticed! Great looking tanks, and I really like your paint scheme and the pictures are very nice.

  5. Nice the bases are clever and look peter than clear plastic ones.