Thursday, January 30, 2014

Painting Zombie Plague Minis Part 3. Painting Dirt Nap.

Back to painting ZP minis so next up is Dirt Nap, Tubby's hubby. After getting bitten by someone he supposed to be a panhandler, Dirt Nap drives home and tells his wife about the horrible day he's had. A playful kiss on the neck turns into a nasty bite, Tubby clocks him with a shovel and then decides that she needs to dispose of the body in the flower garden. Then she takes a well earned bath.

But DN was merely stunned and soon burst forth from his gardenia girdled grave to wreak some major havoc!

The Dirt Nap mini comes with a sculpted base topper and a garden gnome accessory. The base topper seemed like a good idea at the time to save material costs but after talking to my casters I've decided not to use toppers in the future. It seems that they take longer to cast than full sized bases and the material cost is so negligible as to be pointless. Live and learn I suppose.

The gnomes will also be available for sale in packs of three.

I decided to glue the topper to the base and attach DN before I started painting him to speed up the process. This limits my ability to reach the bottom parts of the miniature but not to any great degree. The gnomes will be painted separately and attached later.

I love the black cast resin. Makes priming a snap.

No real trick to this other than pinning the zombie and gnome to the base and using thick super glue to help with some of the gaps. The thick glue also helps blend DN into the base as if he's coming out from under dirt. The gnomes were stuck into a piece of balsa wood to assembly line paint them.

We've come for your beer and Skittles.
Here's the whole deal painted and assembled. I'm still impressed with John's sculpting on this one. The face looks damn near real in person.

Behold the rage of the undead American businessman!

Next up: Dead Sexy!

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  1. Thats a cool looking figure and the base love the gnome lol