Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Early Realms of Chaos: Zygor Snake-arms and Leaping Slomm Two-Face.

Just a couple of classic Citadel miniatures based on an article in the First Citadel Compendium. This article, called "Mark of Chaos", explained the process for creating chaos-tainted creatures and featured classic John Blanche artwork. These concepts were then sculpted and cast to produce two interesting minis that are full of personality. There was a third miniature from the article, Ngaaranh, a chaos-spawn who was once a harpy but this mini seems to be much harder to find than Zygor and Slomm.

These minis were painted in my classic painting style meaning lots of washes, harsh drybrushing, and of course gloss varnish. If I had two fresh versions of these fellows I'd try something more up to date and smooth but I think this paint job "feels" right. Even with the gloss varnish there are dings and scraped paint caused by too many years of travel.

I'd really like to see Games Workshop go back and revisit concepts like these but as we know they rarely look back this far. So be it, I still think these foul little fellows are beautiful.
Artwork by John Blanche.
Zygor the Night Goblin.
Chaos attributes include, Headless, Tentacles, and Prehensile Tail.
Artwork by John Blanche.
Leaping Slomm Two-Face, Chaos troll.
Chaos attributes: Powerful Legs, Great Fangs, Multiple Heads (one extra), and Bestial Face(s).


  1. Wow these are sweet. So much character that I struggle to bring to my own miniatures. I'm seeing green!

  2. The original Leaping Slomm was sculpted and cast as per the illustration.....rarer than rocking horse do do :( I gather is was a swine to cast so it was re-sculpted as per the pics. My copy is in dangerously grey lead.......everytime I look at it I fear for it's safety :(