Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shoggoth Jack-O-Lantern

Tekeli-li, tekeli-li...
With Halloween just around the corner I decided that I needed a jack-o-lantern on my porch. I wanted to make something that looked like a shoggoth, Lovecraft's vile slave race so I knew I'd be looking for the most gnarled, warty gourd I could find. I collected several type of eyeballs from the craft store and then went pumpkin shopping.
I found a lovely specimen of Cucurbita maxima 'Brodé d'Galeux Eysines', locally known as a Peanut Pumpkin. This would be my shoggoth. I came home and quickly painted the large eyeballs which were unpainted plaster and then set about trying to carve several perfectly round holes for the eyeballs to fit into.

Inspiration flashed and I grabbed my power drill and some spade drill bits. They tore through the pumpkin with no hesitation and although messy saved me a huge amount of carving time. I placed all of the eyeballs and then drilled a mouth towards the bottom. Voila! The ugly little blighter was finished. Next year I think I'll make a beholder.

This was way too much fun,

Eyeball! Eyeball!
This has already started creeping out the neighborhood kids.

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