Thursday, July 12, 2012

Making Crackle Texture Bases

Just a quick how-to for making crackle texture bases that can be painted to represent dried earth, shale, ice, or other surfaces. I'll be using Instant Mold, check out my earlier blog on the stuff here, as well as green epoxy putty , and egg shells. Using egg shells gives these bases an organic and random texture that is hard to replicate otherwise. 

First attain the shells. I usually steam mine for twelve minutes in a steamer. This makes them delicious. Then as I'm peeling the egg I try to keep the shell in one big, flat piece as this makes the crackle texture more believable.
Trust me, this is green stuff and not Pure Evil.
I really need some new Instant Mold. This batch is starting to look like novelty dog vomit.

Flatten a thin layer of green stuff onto a paper plate or the like. This will hold the shell flat so that you can then use the Instant Mold to make a texture mold. Use fresh green stuff to cover the top of the base you'd like to use and then press the texture mold over it. Wait until the putty is cured and then trim the edge to clean up the base.
Extra effects like static grass or snow can really add realism to a base.
Easy! The two examples here are a snow and ice motif and a cracked mud texture. I used static grass and a small bit of jute twine to make dried plants. If you decide to try this technique for yourself please share your results via the comments.


And Just Because I'm Goofy!

Here's what it looks like when you use toast:


  1. Fantastic.

    Thank you for this inspirational tutorial.


  2. Wow Roebeast, thats a brilliant idea, thanks for sharing.

  3. Very clever and affective.

  4. "I really need some new Instant Mold. This batch is starting to look like novelty dog vomit."

    That made my day.

  5. Cool! I especially like the toast version. Thanks for the how to.