Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trash Bash 2012 Final Results.

Another great Trash Bash has now come to a close and as always I'd like to thank the sponsors, entrants, and supporters for helping to make this such a fun and exciting endeavor. And without further ado, the winners of Trash Bash 2012!

First Place: Diego Diz~ Landing Module

Judges praised the high level of finish on Diego's piece as well as his excellent job of hiding what his model is actually made of. In the words of one judge it "really is built of trash and the great thing is you can't tell!". The backdrop and staging of the final photo helped to solidify Diego's lead in the standings. A common opinion of our judges was that this model "just looked right.".

Second Place: Andy M~ Spy-DAR

Andy's piece is an impressive project that is truly ambitious and fun. "very pulpy, very 70's BBC - excellent!" and "One question: Where can I get one?" were some of the comments from our judges. Again the high level of finish and overall cohesiveness of vision came together to make this one inspiring model.

Third Place: Ruben DeJong~ Rupelmundus's Observatory

Besides the obvious amount of work put into Ruben's entry this fantasy observatory charmed judges with it's well realized interior, detailed concept, and fun back story. Judges thought it would look great on a tabletop or as part of a larger town set-up. 

Honorable Mentions:

It was exceedingly difficult to choose only three winners for this contest so I'd like to also recognize the other contestants and their entries. Everyone single one is inspirational in its use of trash bashing techniques and overall creativity. (The following are listed in no particular order.)

Tony Harwood~ The French Imperial Aeronef Le Louis Daguerre

Great concept and setting combined with outstanding conversion and finish.

Leland Erikson~  M29A4E8 "Yorkshire Terrier"

Fun, well realized gaming piece. Judges marveled at clever usage of components like plastic jewels for armor plates.

James Holloway~ Syldurian Launch Observation Platform

Well realized diorama with a cool back story and cohesive finish.

William Burke~ The Rodent One

Adorable characters and fun paint-job that truly suited the subject.

Larry Hammer~ Sd.Kfz G0-41 “Gopher”

Great use of twisty candy container for drill bit and overall cohesive design.

Duke Dreal~ Observation Starships

Multiple ships that each have their own charm and inspiring use of parts.

Thanks to everyone involved with Trash Bash 2012 and keep checking Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine for even more miniature modeling mayhem!


  1. Congrats to the winners and to all the participants, really cool work. Number of ideas will be stolen from them :)
    Thanks Brian for another great and fun competition

  2. I had an absolute blast working on my entry. Many thanks to Brian for hosting, and congratulations to the winners -- some really spectacular pieces there; very well-deserved wins. Also a treat to see an entry from Lee Erickson, who I learned a lot from in younger days and haven't seen in ages. Hi, Lee!

  3. Fantastic entries this year! That's some amazing work!

  4. You can always link to my Blog, particularly the TRASH BASH 2012 labels.

    Once again thank you for the inspiration.


  5. This was a really fun experience indeed; I got to do stuff I'd wanted to do for ages, and this finally kicked off my long awaited fantasy village.

    Kudos to all other participants; talk about stiff competition! I'll be sure to participate again next year! :-)