Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Servo Skull.

The eye socket lights are just placeholders in this shot.

Here's a project I've been playing with for a while. Using an old Lindberg skull kit and some other bits and bobs. The Imperial Aquilas are made using Instant Mold pressed onto the GW luggage tag and a vintage Predator tank hatch. Casting them out of green stuff allows them to be bent easily over the shape of the skull. The hoses are electrical conduit and a flexible part of a barbeque lighter. The connecting rings are PVC pipe and plastic hemisphere stick ons, the same ones I used on my Landstrider build. The hook latch on the front is carved from plasticard.

Still lots of work to do on it inluding a purity seal and lenses for the sockets. I'll be wiring the eyes to have red LEDs and eventually I'd like to convert it into a desk lamp.

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