Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quick Mortis Dreadnought Conversion.

Calling this a conversion is probably too kind. It's really just adding a big skull from the Arcane Ruins set to a Dark Reach dreadnought and then adding four lascannons to the arms. I threw a couple of Imperial Aquila around to further brand it. Aluminum targeter eyes with putty lenses. I might still add more icons and purity seals.

Although I will probably never play Warhammer 40K ever again I still like bashing stuff together and painting it. The plastics make converting so easy and I always seem to have lots of bits left over from painting miniatures for other people. I think this will look much better once it's painted, right now it's too cute. Like a big baby with lascannon arms. Humm, now there's an idea.

I also made up a base for the little fellow using a bunch of leftover vehicle bits, some cast metal conduit, plant roots, and a zombie arm. I think sometimes that I build models just to get to make bases to put them on.

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