Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fantasy Modeling Issue #3

Well after too long of a hiatus I'm finally back with another issue of the awesome Fantasy Modeling magazine. Finally getting caught up with our comics coloring and design work so now I get to do some geeky fun stuff. And I wanted to get this posted so Tom can put down the Thorazine darts.

This issue features an in-depth interview with one of the founding fathers of modern fantasy miniatures, Tom Loback. Mr. Lobacks's company Dragontooth Miniatures released some of the most purely creative miniatures of the 1980s and really set the stage for massed combat fantasy miniature gaming.

This issue also begins the series Odds and Ends which shows how to use common items that might usually be thrown away to create and convert science fiction miniatures. Many of these ideas are still useful and this series really inspired me as a kid to "trash-bash" my own creations.

An interview with artist Dave Cockrum, model rocketry, spaceship scratchbuilding,and tons of other goodies.


P.S. And I know the Martian Metals ad is upside down. Just like in the magazine.

Plastic's Modeler Dave Cockrum
The Atlanta Military Miniature Exhibit
The Return of The Backyard Spaceship
Conan Reconsidered
An Interview with Tom Loback
Role Playing in a Future "Universe"
From The Natural to The Supernatural
Scratchbuilding Spaceship Miniatures for Film
What Kit is That?
Outerspace Odds and Ends
Adventure Gaming
Book Reviews

Fantasy Modeling #3 -


  1. I just wanna say you totally rock for posting these magazines. I really makes my day every time you take your personal time to do this. Thank you very much!

  2. What he said. You are a scholar and a gentleman, sir. And thanks for the email!

  3. You know, you're getting a hell of a lot of attention with this. I'm finding links on people's gaming and modeling blogs all OVER the place.

    I thought this magazine was pretty obscure, and I'd never dreamed I'd see the thing scanned and posted anywhere. It would seem I was less alone in this than I thought...

  4. ...and yes, the Martian Metals ads were ALWAYS upside down. Even in Dragon Magazine.

    But these puppy kids today don't know this.

  5. Thanks for the posting, I had loved this magizine when it came out and still have them and alot of the figures inside(most still unpainted) Now I feel old. Your blog is alos really cool thanks again.