Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fantasy Modeling Winter Issue

Finally back from the Calgary Entertainment Expo and a general tour of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Now to finally upload another issue of Fantasy Modeling. This issue has some really stand out pieces. The Fantasy World of Rev. Spencer Van Gulick is inspiring and interesting. Andrew Yanchus's history of plastic monster model kits is a fun read with some groovy behind the scenes information. And an outstanding diorama article from the great Sheperd Paine, autographed by the man no less, is informative and impressive. Who knew the The Shire had a red light district?


The Fantasy World of Rev. Spencer Van Gulick
Book Reviews
...And They Glow in The Dark
The Age of Conan
An Interview with Eric Goldberg
The "Empire" Casts Its Influence On Modeling
Three Dioramas-Three Different Problems
Kit Reviews
Adventures In Gaming

Fantasy Modeling Winter Issue -


  1. This is awesome! Thank you for posting it.

  2. I'm very happy that you like it! There are some great articles in the remaining issues so stay tuned.

  3. At last! Many, many thanks. And yes, I'm looking forward to #3 -- was it #3 that had the amazing kitbashed scratchbuilt steampunk spacecraft?

  4. That's issue 5, the Rick Overton article. And yes it is awesome. I'll try to get these up more often but we're currently in deadline hell.

  5. The Shep Paine article is fantastic. Thanks very much for uploading these.

  6. ...hey, is that Shep's AUTOGRAPH, on that page?

  7. Yup. Since I got these fourth hand I'm not sure who had them originally or when he might have met Master Paine.