Monday, March 29, 2010

Fantasy Modeling #1

Fantasy Modeling Magazine was a magazine devoted to the various disciplines of the fantasy and science fiction modeling hobbies. Each issue was a motley assortment of how to articles, features on outstanding artists, and industry information. In the pre internet years of the 1980s FM acted as a source of mailing addresses for many gaming, miniature, and modeling companies. There was no preference shown in FM for one part of the hobby over another, just an overall appreciation for the craft of making interesting models and miniatures.

Discovering Fantasy Modeling Magazine was one of the turning points in my adolescence. There were a few stray copies in the back room at The Game Preserve game store in Indianapolis and I would routinely read through them and wonder at the fact that "grown-ups" were making models out of spare parts and junk like I had been doing since I was allowed to have model glue. It made me realize that all of the "junk" that I had been building had some value to others and that I wasn't alone in my desire to create these things. The tone of the magazine is a bit "gee-whiz" which still comes across as refreshing in an age when I am constantly beleaguered by the rudeness and childish entitlement of many modern hobbyists.

The contributors to Fantasy Modeling often had to scrounge their hobby together from actual garbage, toys, and parts of things never meant for model making. As somebody who sees scratch building and kit bashing as a justifiable post-modern art form this stuff makes me happy. From the truly brilliant kit bashing of Rick Overton and Michael Sullivan to the charmingly odd work of Andrew P. Yanchus, Fantasy Modeling showed me high end trash-bashing that made me want to make stuff. And that sort of inspiration was and still is invaluable to me.

I decided to scan the six issues of FM to share the wonder that I get from them.

Here is the premier issue of Fantasy Modeling. I hope it inspires you to the level that is has me.

In this issue:
The Popular Imagery of Boris Vallejo
The Plastic Industry Strikes Back
Atlantis Lives
The Military Corner: Historex Walks New Paths
Origins '80
Kit Bashing Spaceships
War Games: the Greatest Fantasy of Them All
Book Reviews
Fantasy Collectables
Adventures in Gaming
And enough vintage ads to make you want to play first edition D&D again!

All five Fantasy Modeling Magazines are available in the FILES section of the Trash Bash Bits Facebook Group. 


  1. I love it. The Consecration of John of Gaunt blew my mind. That diorama is even more impressive when you think about how far miniature painting has progressed over the years. The originality of Rick Overton is quite impressive as well. Thanks for posting this great resource. More, please.

  2. It is immeasurably wonderful you posted this. There are some many articles that are hard to find to see someone take the time to scan and post this makes you my hero!

  3. I had three of the issues and sold them on e-bay last year. They were very well produced, but are (obviously) somewhat dated now.

    Thank you for scanning the pages. At least now I can ponder my bad decision to sell them.


  4. Sadly, showing my age, I own this issue! But great to have it on the web.



  5. This is awesome! Thank you so much for posting and I really look forward to the next issues.

    Thanks too for your kind comment on my blog.

    Bam! Bam!


  6. If you can post the other five issues online, I will cheerfully murder anyone of your choice.

  7. Oh wow, I've still got this edition and another one tucked aay somewhere ina box of magazines !!!

  8. Thanks for the posts of the issues. Keep em coming:)

  9. Thanks for that. I have a copy somewhere in the hobby maelstrom. Classic references and such a shame it only hit 6 issues.

  10. THIS was the BEST. Unfortunately I could only ever find it at Sci Fi Cons (Atlanta Fantasy Fair anyone?) aghh those were the days....