Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Elder Thing Miniatures Assembly Instructions

Today marks the release of the first miniatures in the Eldritch Empires line, The Elder Things or as they're known in Eldritch Empires: The Makers. These star-headed fellows are pretty much responsible for all native life on Earth, including the abhorrent Shoggoths, and have had aeons of warfare with the other various races that have colonized the planet.

Each miniature consists of eight pieces, 1 head, 1 torso, 1 tentacle base, and 5 arms. 

The arms are cast to a sprue. Make sure when you cut them off that you leave the bit of mounting peg that is attached to each arm.

Sockets should be drilled into the torso for the arm pegs. First file the mounting point flat and then to drill a hole that allows the arm peg to fit snugly.

If you want to pose the arms this needs to be done before they are glued in to the torso. Use a pair of pliers that have a flat jaw surface. It is best to hold a small bit of the arm in the pliers and then press down on the larger bit to bend it. 

If you decide to bend the bottom part make sure you're not bending the mounting peg since this can easily snap off. 

When you assemble the miniature you can pair up two arms to give the effect that the Maker is using its arms in tandem.

Finally just glue the torso to the base and the head on top. You can tell the top of the torso by the small, slit-like gills around the neck. And there you go! Your own Elder Thing ready to brew up some shoggothy goodness.

The next parts I'll be releasing for the Makers will be blasters of some sort. These will plug into the existing torsos to make tactical troopers. These will be followed by swords and shields for The Sensei, the Maker masters of close combat.

These miniatures are currently not for sale but will be again in 2017.

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  1. awesome stuff, will pimp them on my blog. It's great to see "Squads" of eldritch horrors becoming available. good work.